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bad ass bro,

Love the bass! 3:41 sounded awesome!

Very cool at 16 seconds!
nice and catchy man, and nice addition of the sounds as the track flows.

loving all the sounds you mixed in this, nice track

- EzMa

Daydream-Anatomy responds:


I see it as trance or a sub-genre in trance but who cares im focused on the music itself.

The filter intro of the melody is cool at around 14sec . I like it , and no worries about mastering but please do some EQ on the track, it will bring out your sounds more and make them sound even more beautiful! But the sounds are ok in this case, but im sure you know all about EQ anyways :)

Keep up the nice work bro

- EzMa

TheZaaL responds:

Thanks man!

Yeah, and it's not the only thing it lacks : I FORGOT TO SIDECHAIN!! At least I did the minimum (kick on bass).


Awesome use of the string sound there! Very moving piece!
1:30 the whistle when it came in made the song beautiful, nice work guys!

- EzMa -

Love the high melody, its personally my type of melodies.

Great trance feeling,


Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks! Well this one was a quick demo of melodies... but I personally think that this is one is one of my best songs around here. Thanks again for your review. If you liked this kind of melody progression I recommend you take a look to my audio page and search for my song called Unreal Piano. Don't vote or download if you don't want! :D

at the beggining

it is too down-lifting for my taste since its at the start of this preview.

Add some more melodies , such as some uplifting melodies.

But yea like I said, its my preference, some people will like that down-lift effect.

you got the bass frequencies filled, add some more treble frequencies to counter that noise starting 18s to make a clean balance.

Keep it man!

- EzMa

nice nice nice!

This is cool man,

I especially love the way that bass sounds man!

Nice FX and great sounds man, got me wanting to go back to the mega buzz festival i was at last night

- EzMa

bigbluechevy12345 responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you like it! :D

not bad

This has got some potential.

At around 1:00 the kick is not sync with the other sounds. You can definitely fix that in one second.

Then the song can grow into something even cooler, i can hear you got the potential :)

- EzMa

MessanyRecordings responds:

Thanks a lot :)
I'll fix that and maybe make a longer version as Qomplainerz, too.


this song makes me dance!

Pretty cool tune, a good dance vibe comes from it!
Also, who cares if you ever do get bad reviews or even get some bad reviews in some unlikely future, screw it, keep on doing what you enjoy doing! You definitely good anyways, you wont get any bad reviews

- EzMa

I believe

this is a great track. It does remind me of certain trance artists from back in the day.

great use of uplifting melody,
i know the feeling of doing a track for hours on end getting nowhere. Just part of the process :P

- EzMa

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